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Wednesday, March 12th

Wednesday, March 5th

Iconic is a new icon system for the web which takes the most powerful features of SVG icons and exposes them via a bit of JavaScript. You can style the icons with CSS (even just parts of the icon) or change icon properties using simple data attributes (like which way an arrow is pointing). They’re also responsive—so the icons are automatically simplified at smaller sizes. The package is $99 for a pro license and $49 for personal use.

Tuesday, July 23rd

Macaw released the first sneak peek for its “code-savvy web design tool,” and it looks to be just that — an excellent collection of features specific to web design: flexible layouts, great shortcuts (lorem ipsum generator, alignment palettes), and most importantly, good, clean code. This is perhaps the most exciting part of Macaw: Alchemy, Macaw’s engine for abstracting and optimizing HTML/CSS, appears far superior to any GUI web design tool before it.

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