Friday, February 1st

Friday, February 26th

Luke Wroblewski wrote an article yesterday titled, “Mad Libs” Style Form Increases Conversion 25-40%. The post was about a team, led by Ron Kurti, redesigning a form for By no means do I intend to knock the success of the redesign, but part of me wonders if the conclusion was rushed. In addition to using a narrative user flow, he’s also:

  • Lessened form inputs, added placeholder text, and made one optional
  • Removed distracting links throughout
  • Highlighting contextual information like the car being negotiated
  • Made the submit button bigger
  • Added icons
  • Said “Thank you”

Luke mentions the possibility of other factors affecting the result in his review, but I think it may be an understatement. Sometimes conversion rates can be massively improved by a minor change to a design or user flow. While A/B testing can be very useful, keep in mind that it is still a science and comprehensively reviewing constants and variables is a big part of that science.