Wednesday, July 2nd

An incredible, mind-boggling performance art piece using projection mapping from GMUNK:

Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.

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Friday, March 14th

You may not have heard of Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones but you’ve seen their work. Before their recent split, they collectively ran the most successful and well respected type design studio in the world, creating fonts used by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the President of the United States.

Font Men, gives a peek behind the curtain into the world of Jonathan and Tobias. Tracking the history of their personal trajectories, sharing the forces that brought them together and giving an exclusive look at the successful empire they built together.

Sunday, February 23rd

what. by Bo Burnham

I was first introduced to Bo Burnham’s music a few years ago as he was becoming a young Youtube star. The song was “Bo Yo”—a raunchy rap recorded in Bo’s bedroom, backed by a simple keyboard loop. Even at 18, his sense of comedy, timing, and wordplay was top-notch. Since then Bo has gone on to record a few CDs (including “Oh Bo” and “words, words, words”) and has also become a bit of a Vine celebrity.

To me, though, “what.” is something more. I feel this is Bo’s (now 22) first show not just as a comedian/musician, but as an artist. Somewhere between the dirty double entendres and stage gags are some genuine messages about self identity, religion, and love. The show culminates in “We Think We Know You,” an incredible work of choreography, which is all at once full of humor and self expression. I’ve watched the full special three times over the past few months and this song gives me chills every time.

So if you need something uplifting after tonight’s True Detective, look no further. “what.” is available for free in full HD on both Youtube and Netflix.

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