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Wednesday, March 9th

Pierre Marly from Teehan+Lax discusses how the team has expedited their design process by using a baseline grid:

By adding a vertical grid — or baseline grid — to their horizontal grid, print designers found the way to create complex layouts where chance was eliminated (when followed obsessive-compulsively). Suddenly typography and iconography could sit on a systematic series of horizontal lines called “baseline grid”.

They also provide the primary grid they discuss (960px with a 6px baseline) for download at the bottom of the article.

Monday, March 1st

BBC documents the roots of its Global Visual Language 2.0:

About 2 years ago, after printing out the site onto what has now become jokingly known as the ‘Wall of Shame’ we decided to embark on an ambitious project, called Global Visual Language 2.0, with the aim of unifying the visual and interaction design of and the mobile website.

I highly recommend actually downloading the guide — it’s a truly remarkable study in visual design.