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They may just be chat bubbles, but they’re our chat bubbles

To people that say “whatever man, they’re just chat bubbles”, I don’t disagree with you. It’s a common logo concept, even for services that have nothing to do with chat. They may just be chat bubbles, but they’re our chat bubbles. They’re on our products, the banner hanging in our office, and the t-shirts we wear every day.

I commend HipChat for taking the high road here. Yes, chat bubbles as a visual metaphor have been around for ages, but I have yet to see two that are such a precise match in regard to layout and color. HipChat is not blaming Apple of anything, they’re simply posting about a problem they now face and providing transparency into how they intend to fix it.

Tuesday, December 6th

Dark Patterns: Deception vs. Honesty in UI Design

In particular, this passage does a fantastic job at articulating the hardest part of my job:

Removing dark patterns from any site involves a leap of faith. A company has to shift from a short-term quantitative measurement mindset to one that values relatively slow, steady growth of “warm fuzzy” qualitative things like brand image, credibility, and trust.

Tuesday, November 15th

In most scenarios, while a business may not need strong branding to get off the ground, its chances of becoming a smash hit are greatly magnified by investing in their brand—in the form of sharp creative strategy and great design—from the beginning.
Emily Heyward, Brand Early, Not Often

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