Tuesday, July 5th

Collecting vs. Curating (vs. Blogging vs. Noting)

Frank Chimero posted some excellent thoughts on “collection” vs. “curation,” with some obvious implications for services like Tumblr which really push the line between the two. While this blog is a fairly unstructured string of posts, I would argue that it is curation nonetheless — albeit a “flowing” curation. I am constantly trying to negotiate the amount of design-centric content vs. developer-centric, as well as find a similar balance between random items of interest (in areas like architecture, art, and computer science) and practical bits of industry news and practical resources.

To a further extent, I believe the word “curating” for this environment evolved from lack of better options. “Blogging,” by its own right, is simply too grandiose and implies writing full-length, well-researched articles. “Micro-blogging,” while certainly appropriate, still requires some degree of industry/topical commentary, and also carries a certain geekish elitism — certainly not appropriate for certain sites (eg. a Tumblr-based photography collection). Lastly, words like “noting,” “posting,” and “collecting” are all too generic for my tastes, and do a disservice to the creators of these sites that spend time considering what to post and how it will impact their audience.

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