Friday, March 7th


Designing a timeless smartwatch
Gábor Balogh is a freelance designer from Hungary who, like many of us, wants an attractive, watch-like watch that just happens to be smart. The difference between Balogh and the rest of us is he went ahead and designed an interface he believes could enable regular watch designs to include a full bevy of smart features.

Wednesday, March 5th

Iconic is a new icon system for the web which takes the most powerful features of SVG icons and exposes them via a bit of JavaScript. You can style the icons with CSS (even just parts of the icon) or change icon properties using simple data attributes (like which way an arrow is pointing). They’re also responsive—so the icons are automatically simplified at smaller sizes. The package is $99 for a pro license and $49 for personal use.

Sunday, February 23rd

what. by Bo Burnham

I was first introduced to Bo Burnham’s music a few years ago as he was becoming a young Youtube star. The song was “Bo Yo”—a raunchy rap recorded in Bo’s bedroom, backed by a simple keyboard loop. Even at 18, his sense of comedy, timing, and wordplay was top-notch. Since then Bo has gone on to record a few CDs (including “Oh Bo” and “words, words, words”) and has also become a bit of a Vine celebrity.

To me, though, “what.” is something more. I feel this is Bo’s (now 22) first show not just as a comedian/musician, but as an artist. Somewhere between the dirty double entendres and stage gags are some genuine messages about self identity, religion, and love. The show culminates in “We Think We Know You,” an incredible work of choreography, which is all at once full of humor and self expression. I’ve watched the full special three times over the past few months and this song gives me chills every time.

So if you need something uplifting after tonight’s True Detective, look no further. “what.” is available for free in full HD on both Youtube and Netflix.

Thursday, February 20th

Startups Anonymous

StartupsAnonymous is a place for startup founders, employees and investors to candidly share their stories, ask/answer questions and vent.

Similar to the recent iOS hit, Secret, StartupsAnonymous shows that anonymity can be a powerful tool in allowing people to be open and authentic—a refreshing concept in a world of self-promotional social media. I highly recommend this blog to any aspiring or early-stage founders; it shows a side of startups rarely seen in the press.

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