Monday, April 21st


New brand by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and Jesse Reed for Bobby Flay’s Mediterranean restaurant Gato. The identity uses Colophon’s stencil typeface Lisbon (with custom ball terminal and spur on the ‘G’), paired with Kris Sowersby’s typewriter face Pitch for secondary text. (via David Kaneda)

Thursday, April 17th

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Tuesday, March 25th


Matt Gemmell writes beautifully on one of my favorite topics:

Eventually, I began allowing myself to acknowledge what I’d always inwardly known: that there’s no higher purpose than making an emotional connection with another person. That the success of an endeavour isn’t in the broad strokes and metrics – the sales, or downloads, or ratings, or comments or whatever else – but in the myriad individual moments where someone would be briefly touched, or empowered. Ephemeral, unmeasurable, rarely reported. But critical.

Wednesday, March 19th

Massive Entertainment shows off its new Snowdrop engine, used to power the upcoming Tom Clancy title. The combination of both artistry and technology that goes into games today is simply mind-blowing.