Apr 22


Apr 21

Don’t Fuck Up the Culture -

Brian Chesky, CEO of AirBNB:

The stronger the culture, the less corporate process a company needs. When the culture is strong, you can trust everyone to do the right thing. People can be independent and autonomous. They can be entrepreneurial.

“User experience is your business plan.” — The Age of Experience, Aral Balkan


Apr 17

“Too many founders have sacrificed the WHY in the process of speeding up the WHAT and HOW.” — Don’t Let a Minimum Viable Product Minimize Your Minimum Viable Vision, Hunter Walk (via Josh)

cognitive lode -

A new resource by ribot to help you make better products. We distill the latest behavioural economics & consumer psychology research down into helpful little brain gems.

A fantastic concept for a blog with a slick design to boot.

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Mar 25

Empathy -

Matt Gemmell writes beautifully on one of my favorite topics:

Eventually, I began allowing myself to acknowledge what I’d always inwardly known: that there’s no higher purpose than making an emotional connection with another person. That the success of an endeavour isn’t in the broad strokes and metrics – the sales, or downloads, or ratings, or comments or whatever else – but in the myriad individual moments where someone would be briefly touched, or empowered. Ephemeral, unmeasurable, rarely reported. But critical.